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Wålstedts Textilverkstad AB

Hagen 15
785 44 Dala-Floda
Phone: +46 (0) 241- 221 00

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9-17
Saturday 10-13


When you get to Dala-Floda, you should turn off route 71 at the ICA and the Church. Coming from Borlange Hallet’s left, Vansbro-way right. You should run over the red wooden bridge, just before the bridge there is a sign spinners, here it is 4 km to us.
Note that the wooden bridge has a weight limit of 2 tons, you have heavier vehicles may run over the iron bridge a few kilometers upstream. After the bridge, turn left, this is the Wålstedts Textiles on the sign. Now just follow the road. When the asphalt ends and dirt road begins, you have a crossroads where you should keep to the left, it is signposted Wålstedts Textiles. When you arrive at the farm, take the middle road, up a small hill.