Quality Wålstedts

The term quality refers to the value of properties of an object. Note that the word quality alone – do not say anything about the quality in question.

Wålstedts quality means several things. It means that our different yarns are always made of certain kinds of wool that we have chosen and have always used in special mixtures – unique to our different yarn varieties. You can rely on our yarns have a smooth and high quality. Our yarns will such that nub less than other yarns. The objects of our knitting yarns will be robust, because we choose strong, Swedish ullsorter in our blends. Our knitting yarns have a high sheen that only increases when the garments you made with them are used. Cheaper yarns may not be as durable garments, or the same luster.

Wålstedts spinning mill is unique in that we can spin wool with long fibers. It’s the long fibers that give strength and shine to the finished yarn – and hence to the garment that you fabricates it. It is the long fibers that make the yarn neps less when used or washed. Yarn pill manufactured from wool with far too short fibers. This yarn is cheap in the short term. But of course, you want the work that you put into it will come to enjoy and benefit for a long time? Then it is wise to have a longer perspective when you buy yarn. High quality costs more. But quality also means that the finished garment expresses both durability and beauty. “


– Olle-Petter Melin

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